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Meet the Illustrator

         Aubrey Fajardo

Aubrey Fajardo had the gift of art since childhood. During his art studies in college Aubrey received a career opportunity as a resident artist in a Phillipines gallery. Aubrey brought group exhibitions and gallery shows, both local and abroad. Aubrey’s first children’s book project was "The Rainbow Bridge" a digital children’s book. His art and paintings have been exhibited in galleries all over the world including the Philippines and Vietnam.


“Helping Diana lee Santamaria create DLee's World has been a highlight and a sincere pleasure. My goal was and is to illustrate and interpret DLee in its simplest form so that children can fully understand the concepts in the books and connect them to the illustrations.”


Aubrey and Diana Lee are set on completion of the newest DLee addition- "DLee's Snowy Day” in addition to the conversions of each DLee book in bilingual stories (English and Spanish).


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