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Customer Reviews

Oradell Public Library

Oradell, NJ

"Diana brought DLee's World to the Oradell Public Library on July 20th and easily charmed the children and their parents! She is a phenomenal storyteller and we all fell in love with her books and engaging style. Since we added the books to our collection, they constantly go out!"

Passaic Public Library

Passaic, NJ

"Children’s author, Diana Lee Santamaria came to the Passaic Public Library on Monday, July 27. She read the fabulous DLee books and sang songs with the kids. The children really liked DLee and had a great time at the event. The little one's enjoyed the readings of "Color Hunt," "Outdoor Countdown," and "First Day of School." They also enjoyed dancing and singing familiar children's songs, like "Baby Bumblebee." The parents and the kids all had a great time!"

Cyber Tots Day Care and Preschool

Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you Ms. D for coming to read and inspire us! DLee's World is a series of books written to educate and inspire all children, especially those who are not normally represented in children's books." 

Mrs. Marisa, Director of Rhymes and Reasons

Teaneck, NJ

"Diana, The children really enjoyed your stories. You read them with such enthusiasm! The children were talking about you all day! Thanks!!!" 

Mrs. Marisa Schaefer

Tracey McGill

Newark, NJ

"Ms. Diana is one of the most dedicated teachers I know! Her passion, love and committment for the children in which she serves is unspeakable and is demonstrated in her classroom daily. I speak blessing of success over this endeavor. Every young child should have a copy of these children books because of the early readiness skills they all embody. Be Bless! Ms. Tracey."

Lupita S-O'Brien of the Lodi Memorial Library

Lodi, NJ

"Thank you for an awesome evening of stories at the Library. We had almost 50 children and parents on a rainy Monday evening, and everyone had a wonderful and fun time. Thank you so very much, the Lodi Memorial Library."

Mrs. Monica Jacobson

Saint Joseph Academy- Bogota, NJ

"Hello Diana, I wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to hear your wonderful books!  I wanted to let you know that the PK-3 children really enjoyed your books and your visit! I believe the children identified themselves with the character in "DLee's First Day of School"since most of them just started school! I was impressed with their attention. I loved the colorful pictures as well! I am glad we have authors like you that can write great books for our very young children! Good Luck to you in writing more great books!"

Suzanne Sweikow of the Ridgefield Park Public Library

Ridgefield Park, NJ

"Diana came to the Ridgefield Park Library on Tuesday, September 30, she read the fabulous DLee books. She engaged the children, sang songs with them and was thoroughly professional. The parents and the kids all had a great time."


Shell Lewis

New York, NY

"Diana Lee Santamaria visited PS 30M Community Learning School (CLS) on October 10, 2014 to read the "DLee's World" children's book series to 24 eager Pre-Kindergarteners in East Harlem.

The little one's enjoyed the readings of "Color Hunt," "Outdoor Countdown," and "First Day of School." They also enjoyed dancing and singing familiar children's songs, like "Baby Bumblebee," all of which provided... a fun outlet for the Pre-K students to release some pent-up energy between readings.

Upon exclaiming her final, "The end," Ms. Santamaria was overrun by a crowd of elated children, as they surrounded her for a group hug. If you haven't yet scheduled your "DLee's World" book reading, then do so soon. You students will definitely enjoy it!"


Maureen Tracy

Jersey City, NJ

"Hi, your father is one of my favorite customers and shared one of your books and the story behind your publishing them with me last week. I loved your counting book and LOVE this website! Great Lesson Plans as well ! Just wanted to reach out and say Way to Go ! I am inspired!"

Ms. Sinday

Newark, NJ

"I recently went to see Diana Lee at the Ridgefield Public Library with my niece. She is usually not into books outside of school, usually only her toys. But today (the day after the reading) she was picture reading each of the books and before bed she made me read her all three books. She really likes DLee and had a great time at the event!" 


Bogota, NJ

"Hi Diana. Congratulations on the release of your wonderful books. Your book reading and signing at the Johnson Public Library was very exciting and fun. Cameron, my grandson, loves your books but his favorite one is "DLee's First Day of School." The colors, stories and illustrations are easy for children to understand and fun to read. Again, congratulations and I wish you continued success."


Staten Island, NY

"These books are awesome! The writing and illustration are so much fun. My niece and nephew love the character Mr. Mustache. Thank you DLee's World for inspiring my niece and nephew to want to read!" 


Brooklyn, NY

"My 3 year old absolutely LOVES DLee's Outdoor Countdown and insists on it being read to him every night! Not only do children get to name their favorite animals/insects in the story but the book also teaches children to count and recognize numbers! As a mom and as an educator, I highly recommend it to all. I am excited to receive the other DLee books I ordered!"


Fairview, NJ

“I bought all three books and I thought the author, Diana Lee Santamaria, did a terrific job creating simple but fun books that children can relate to. Each story is easily understandable and filled with fun rhymes! The illustrator also does a magnificent job on using VIVID colors to draw a person, especially a child, into the story.  As a teacher myself, I really enjoyed each book, and believe these books are a MUST HAVE in a classroom library and home library."


Philadelphia, PA

"DLee's books are awesome! I bought all three for my son who is 2 years old and he absolutely loves them! He asks for me to read them every night before he goes to bed! He has even started memorizing some of the words from the books. I really like these books a lot and would recommend them to any parent looking for fun and educations books for their child."



Fairlawn, NJ

"I purchased these book for my nephew and he really enjoyed all three of the stories. The pictures are fun and vibrant! Make sure to download the lesson plan available on the website It's free! Amazing!"

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