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Easy Ways to Support an Indie Author

As an indie author, sometimes it can be difficult to get your name out there in the literary world, especially when you have no traditional connections. Fortunately, for those that enjoy the work of some indie authors, there are a few easy ways to support them.

  1. Buy their book.

  2. Tell 5 people or more if you are feeling extra nice!

  3. Give their book as a gift.

  4. Write a kind review on Amazon or Goodreads or on the author's website.

  5. Post a picture or pictures with their book and tag them.

  6. Recommend their book to teachers and school administrators.

  7. Request their book at your local library or bookstores.

  8. Promote their work on your social media pages.

  9. Follow their social media pages, like, and even save their posts.

  10. Sign-up to their website.

I can tell you firsthand, that being an indie author has been a consistent hustle for me. Despite this, I love it because it is the one thing in my life that brings together all my talents and experience and really feels effortless. The marketing aspect of it though, unfortunately, does not. lol Thanks to my fellow supporters though, whether family, friends, friends of friends, colleagues, etc., I was able to stay in this game for the past 7 years. And for that I give thanks.

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