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How It All Started

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

The inspiration for DLee's World began when I was just a little girl. I did not know it then but all of my life was leading up to educating and eventually writing, speaking and inspiring our youngest learners.

Growing up, I lived in Brooklyn, NY. In an area called Canarsie. I resided in a garden apartment surrounded by my family- mom, dad, and brother along with my aunts and cousins who lived in apartments within the complex. I went to public school 279. I was enrolled in that school from Pre-K all the way up to the 3rd grade. I was a super shy little girl (so shy that I didn't speak most of Pre-K and continued not to speak much throughout my time there. I actually went to school with my cousin and I would whisper in her ear for her to speak for me.) I had wavy brown hair with the biggest glasses available in stores. I'm assuming it was a part of the fashion, because my mom wore incredibly large glasses as well. I hated wearing my glasses with a passion. Mostly because I was made fun of by a lot of the kids in school saying things like I was a nerd or I could see into the future. I even remember, quite clearly, that one boy said I looked like a frog with my glasses. These were not my happiest moments but it would all come full circle in my future creation of DLee and her world. And so regardless, I am grateful for those experiences because they inspired me in more ways than one.

Okay so here we are now in the 3rd grade, I was home doing my homework with my parents and they realized I was having trouble reading my work. From that day forward, my father sat me down every day after school to read with me. He bought this book called, Why Johnny Can't Read and we practiced daily till we completed the book and I was able to read independently. This sounds peachy but I will

tell you that it was an experience mixed with lots of tears and frustration from both parties. However in the end, I was a reader and I liked it.

After learning how to read, my educational career began to flourish. I moved to a town called Bogota in New Jersey and continued excelling with each passing year. Through my time with my dad, I developed an attitude of determination in whatever I did and that would be a key factor in my success as an educator and later author.